So you’re not at SxSW…


While the Twittersphere blows up during SxSW (South by Southwest, a social media and music festival in Texas), I’ll be at home grading midterms and working on preparations for Life Gets Better Together (an LGBTQ youth advocacy conference in Syracuse this April).  Just because I’m not attending, however, doesn’t mean I will miss out on all the insights, and neither should you!  The following 5 steps will help all of us not physically present at SxSW make the most of this next week.

1) Find the SxSW programming schedule online, and find the sessions that interest you most.

2) Use HootSuite’s “Search” stream capabilities to save those session titles as streams.  If there is an official hashtag for those sessions, use that instead.

3) Create Google alerts for blogs/news about those sessions.  It is very likely that attendees will be writing about those sessions, and you can gain great insights from reading these write-ups!

4) Create Twitter lists to follow your favorite experts presenting at SxSW, or even just people you know who are attending.  You can then turn these lists into saved streams in HootSuite, giving you a quick and easy way to follow along with the presenters and attendees experiences.

5)  Don’t forget to search platforms like Storify and Slideshare for stories and presentations from SxSW.  While they may not be posted immediately, they will be gold mines of SxSW knowledge after the fact!


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